13-years-old boy opens up about what it feels like to live in foster care system and create his perfect family type

A 13-year-old child who has spent the majority of his life in foster care is desperate to find a family with whom he can call his own.

Tim, who appeared on this week’s Wednesday’s Child, said, ‘I am an angel at home. Exceptional, ‘Observing his behavior in a foster care residential treatment center.

Tim joined foster care when he was three years old and has been yearning for a chance to be someone’s kid ever since.

He is now 13 years old. According to KHOU11, his caseworker flew him out to Dallas to be featured in a section of the show, which will hopefully attract the attention of a loving family eager to adopt him.

Tim, when asked about the type of mother he wishes for, responded, ‘Someone who is concerned all of the time. I may appear ashamed at times (due to her concern), yet she will still be concerned about my well-being.

Every time I go through the door, she’ll inquire about my day.’ His father, on the other hand, wants someone to educate him how to be a great man. Simply said, he wants a parent who will respect him and be his idol.

‘If I go outside, he’ll accompany me. He’ll restore my sense of normalcy,’ said the teenager who wishes to live with a big group of family. ‘It gets kind of dull playing by yourself,’ Tim added, confident that he could learn a lot from them, especially if they are older.

The sweet kid has earned the right to never be alone again. He doesn’t require pity, but rather a devoted family who will always adore and cherish him.

Tim, in exchange, offers them his smile, humor, and hope. ‘Freedom. I have the freedom to walk out the door whenever I want, and they don’t have to worry about whether or not I’ll return since they know they can trust me’ He went on to say.

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