Barbara Walters speaks up about her failed marriages… ‘I was marrying a guy to whom I had nothing to say. I felt trapped and frightened’…

Barbara Walters, a retired broadcaster, met Robert Katz, the son of a wealthy baby cap producer, shortly after graduation in Florida.

In June 1955, when she was 26 years old, Walters and Katz married. He was five years older than she was. In a magnificent ceremony at the Plaza Hotel in New York, the pair exchanged wedding vows.

According to one of Walters’ aunts, ‘It was a stunning wedding. It was an expensive affair. As if it were a scene from a movie. Bob was also a really attractive man.’

They realized their marriage was a mistake after only a few months of living together as a newly married couple. Katz later told a friend that Walters had a cold personality and was uninterested in having a physical relationship with him.

Furthermore, she had no desire to play the wife of a wealthy businessman. Young women in Miami thought Katz was attractive, and Walters agreed.

Despite her eagerness to marry him, she felt unsure about her decision two days before the wedding, claiming that reality had set in.

After she had already said yes to his proposal, the author admitted that she was marrying a man with whom she had difficulty communicating: ‘I was marrying a man with whom I had no communication. I was afraid and helpless.’

Though Katz was a good man, Walters wrote in her book ‘Audition: A Memoir’ that it became clear on a daily basis that they had nothing in common. She made an effort to be interested in his life by questioning how his day at work was and even spending time with his family.

Katz believed his wife’s sadness came from the fact that she had nothing else to do with her time, according to author Jerry Oppenheimer in his book ‘Barbara Walters: An Unauthorized Biography.’

As a result, he advised her to get a job to keep herself active, and Walters did so, landing a job as a talent booker for CBS’s ‘Morning Show.’

WALTERS AND KATZ married ended up quickly

However, her marriage to Katz did not work out, and the couple divorced in 1957 after three years of marriage. According to accounts, the couple’s union was brief and sad, according to Oppenheimer.

‘I wouldn’t know him if I met him,’ Walters later claimed of her marriage to Katz, adding, ‘It was so brief that my father didn’t think it should be on the record.’

The ‘Today’ anchor said she felt empty and defeated when she flew to Alabama to petition for divorce. Walters admitted that she didn’t miss anything about her connection with Katz and that she felt as if their marriage had never happened.

The Boston native announced that she and Katz had chosen to call it quits on their marriage. She also wanted to leave the flat because the union had left a sour taste in her mouth.

Walters never spoke about her ex-husband after their divorce and considered him a sensitive issue. The TV celebrity, however, was still wearing the engagement ring Katz had given her a year after they split up.

When she entered a party room held by Frank Loessner with guests including Lee Guber, a theatrical producer, the three-carat diamond ring glistened. Guber, like Katz, was regarded an eligible bachelor despite the fact that he had previously been married and had two children.

He was successful, attractive, kind, and gifted with a pleasant personality, not to mention a striking likeness to Katz. Walters met the sociologist’s requirements for attractive women with intelligence.

Guber had been seeing Walters’ friend Joyce Ashley, who paired them up on a blind date at New York’s Friars Club. That night, the two went for a long walk and got to know one other.

Walters recalled that they had chemistry and that the talk was going well until she found out what Guber’s profession was. He was a theater producer, just like her father.

Because of her father’s experience, ‘The View’ actress stated she made a commitment to herself that she would avoid males in show business:

‘I had pledged to myself that I would never become connected with anyone in show industry after my experiences with my father.’

He was involved in various initiatives and co-owned a company called Music Fair Enterprises with two partners, among other things, which she subsequently discovered set him apart from her father.

Despite everything, Walters liked Guber, despite the fact that his profession was a source of worry for her. Nonetheless, she convinced herself after several months that he was not the same kind of showman as her father.

Walters’ father was a dreamer, whilst Guber was a realist, which distinguished the two men. In addition, whereas her father was expensive, her boyfriend was practical and did not gamble. Guber owned and operated a profitable production firm, so she assumed he was a businessman.


Walters began to take Guber seriously, and the two had an on-again, off-again romance for five years. She frequently worked as a hostess for his events during that time.

In the meantime, her career was exploding. She moved up from public relations to «The Today Show» as a writer and had some on-camera reporting assignments during her five-year relationship with Guber.

Guber was pushing her to marry him at the same time, but she refused because the decision was tough for her. When John F. Kennedy was dead, everything changed.

The president’s funeral was shown live on television, and Walters was assigned to provide live commentary. With the task, she exceeded expectations and made an impression on Al Morgan, the producer of ‘The Today Show.’

Guber even called her after seeing her cover the funeral, and he didn’t take no for an answer this time. Guber arrived in an NBC limo at her home the next evening, telling her that life is too short and that they should marry right now.

Walters answered yes, explaining that everything happened quickly and she didn’t have time to acquire cold feet. Two weeks later, in December 1963, the couple married in a quickly planned ceremony at a friend’s apartment.

‘I was stuck and unhappy once more. Perhaps I wasn’t meant to be married.’

Walters questioned if she had made the correct decision by marrying Guber, saying she missed him on some days and didn’t miss him at all on others. She didn’t think they’d be happy together, but she also knew she wasn’t happy without him.


Regardless, she chose to stay with Guber and eventually acquired a desire to start a family. Walters had witnessed her husband’s interaction with his two children, Zev, 16, and Carol, 17, and believed he would make a wonderful father.

Carol, who was going through puberty at the time, became close to the journalist. Guber’s children, according to Walters, were an added benefit. She found out she was pregnant soon after and was overjoyed because she had been wishing for a child.

Guber was overjoyed to find that he would be a father for the second time, but his wife was devastated by the miscarriage. The ’20/20′ host blamed herself, claiming that she worked too hard and that if she hadn’t, she would have continued the pregnancy.

When Walters was in her early thirties, she attempted to conceive again and went through the extensive process for two years, attempting every treatment available at the time. She became pregnant again after following the doctor’s recommendation to check days after her cycle to calculate when she would be fertile.

Walters tragically lost the baby. She had another miscarriage six months later. The couple later chose to adopt a child. But circumstances at home became gloomy when Guber insisted on taking Walters to the theater with him, even though she never felt up to it.

He was understanding and gracious when she would leave the theater after intermission. Even though they were supportive of each other’s work, they were still attempting to conceive a child, which made their marriage difficult.

After an eight-year separation, Walters and Guber divorced in 1976 after a 12-year marriage. She wore a ring Katz had given her around her neck (in which she met Guber) after their divorce to indicate her single status.

She did, however, meet her third husband, Mev Adelson, on a blind date later in life. They married in 1981, but divorced in 1984, when Adelson was the CEO of Lorimar Television.

In 1986, the couple attempted to renew their relationship by marrying for the second time. Despite this, Adelson and Walters divorced again in 1992.

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