Future movie star! After her dad told her ‘no’, this cute baby fakes a tearful response. Video below

This little girl’s response to her father telling her to stop sobbing in the store made her parents giggle. She posted the video on Facebook, where her parents commented:

‘Watch our 11-month-old daughter Iris in the grocery shop on this video. Her father told her no while she was yelling, and this was her response. We laughed about it, so I recorded it.’

Iris has a natural talent for acting, which viewers commented on. One viewer said: ‘Oh, she’s good! She’ll make a good actress when she’s older.’

Another viewer asked,’ ‘OMGGGG did anyone notice her pinching herself to make herself weep,’  though we’re not entirely sure that’s what she was trying to do.

Someone else jokingly said, ‘She’s out of tears.’  Another viewer remarked,’ I was cheering for the tear she was attempting to squeeze out.’

Others were mesmerized by the girl’s innate capacity for trickery.

‘It never ceases to surprise me how quickly kids begin to tell lies. It’s an innate ability, not a learned quality. One person commented,

‘This video is an award-winning study of human growth that is charming, hilarious, and educational.’ ‘This is when kids start learning how to obtain what they want, lol,’ one person said in conclusion.

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