Daughter finds her father sitting next to the door of her parents’ bedroom. The reason will bring you to tears.

It all started when John and Marcy’s 17-year-old daughter, McKenna, took a picture of her father and posted it on Twitter. The girl accompanied the photo with a very touching caption.

In October 2016, Marcy was diagnosed with thyroid cancer by doctors. She began a course of radiation therapy, which excluded the presence of relatives in her bedroom. But she wasn’t alone, because John couldn’t leave her alone.

John found a way to support his wife without exposing himself to radiation.

‘Mom has to be alone in her room as she is undergoing radiation therapy. To keep her company, my dad put a desk at her door and does not leave her side for a minute.

I can’t hold back my tears looking at this,’ McKenna wrote on Twitter. McKenna posted the snap in mid-April and has since been shared by more than 7,000 people.

According to McKenna, her father is ‘always’ sitting outside her mother’s bedroom door. In turn, Marcy says that this is typical for her loving husband John:

‘John accompanies me every time I go to the doctor, get tested, go to every surgery and every radiotherapy session. And, as you can see, if he cannot be near me, he will try to be as close as possible,’ Marci told The Independent.

What a devoted and loving husband John is, and this story is a touching example of true, time-tested love. We wish Marcy a speedy recovery and hope her family is doing well. Without a doubt, with such support and care from a loving husband, Marcy will be able to overcome her disease.

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