The girl has not combed her hair for days. The hairdresser spent 13 hours to save her hair. See the reason

Once a customer came to the barbershop, whom the masters remembered all her life. The student, who had just turned 16, visited for a haircut.

Her hair was so matted that the barber didn’t know what to do except to cut it off almost to the root.

The girl signed up for a haircut, she had to have her picture taken for the new school year. The girl asked Caylee, the hairdresser, to just cut everything off. She didn’t believe her hair could be saved.

The master began to ask the client what happened to her hair and why she was so sad. It turned out that the girl was in a long-term depression.

She felt useless and simply did not have the strength to get out of bed. She hadn’t had a haircut in months.

She was able to get out of bed only because she received a notification about a mandatory photo shoot.

The barber was touched by the girl’s story.She believes that no child should feel unwanted. Then the master consulted with her colleagues and decided to save the girl’s hair.

Stylists began untangling tangled hair. Kylie and Mariah spent 13 hours on the student’s hair. Then they did makeup and hair. When the girl saw the new look, she smiled for the first time in many hours.

The work of the masters touched the teenager. Strangers and friends decided to show her importance.

Kylie took a photo of the student before and after work to show the world that depression is scary.

This is a big problem and people need support, love, understanding. Sometimes a simple act can make all the difference.

‘A child should not consider herself superfluous. I love helping people become more beautiful, transformation gives them confidence in themselves.Everyone deserves to be happy,’ Kylie wrote.

After that, the student seemed to flourish.She decided to start a new life.

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