The 98-person plane crashed in the jungle. After 9 days, a girl came out of the forest… Who is she and what does she look like years later?

We present the Peruvian Juliana Koepke, whose story dates back to 1972 became a sensation. A 17-year-old girl was the only survivor of a terrible plane crash.

The plane in which Juliana was flying with her mother fell from a huge height on the uninhabited jungle.

People did not understand how a lonely, scared, injured schoolboy managed to survive in a forest full of wild beasts. Many years have passed since then, but Köpke’s case is surprising even today.

On that fateful day, Juliana and her mother were going to visit her father, who was working in another city, for Christmas.

A lightning strike set the fuel yard on fire, and the plane fell more than 3 km into the tropical forest.

The fire did not start because of the rain. Searches did not find a crash site.Everyone thought that no one was saved.

Juliana was badly hurt by the fall.Her body was covered in deep cuts, she had a concussion, a torn tendon, a broken arm.

Thanks to her father, Juliana had some knowledge of how to survive in the jungle. SHe first tried to find his mother, but found neither her nor any other survivors.

On the 4th day after the accident, the girl’s well-being improved a little, she decided to reach civilization on her own.

Among the debris, Juliana found only a box of candy. The girl took the candy and went to the stream flowing near the disaster site, and went downstream.

There were fish and snakes in the stream, Juliana could hardly sleep at night. Bugs attacked the poor thing, the injuries hurt, but the abscess on her right shoulder caused the most problems.

There were tingles in the inflamed wound. However, the girl stubbornly continued to go to people.

It wasn’t until the 10th day of wandering in the jungle that Juliana reached the woodcutter’s hut.

They got rid of some of the caterpillars by disinfecting the wound with gasoline, and the next day they took the rescued girl closer to civilization.

Later, 3 films based on the girl’s story were made.Then the woman published an autobiographical book.

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