Celine Dion’s physical state has gotten worse. Her family reportedly said that the well-known artist is paralyzed by pain. See what happened

The singer Celine Dion’s health has declined to a more serious state. The assertion was made by her relatives, who indicated that the well-known artist is unable to move her legs due to the agony that she experiences in those areas.

Celine Dion has just notified the people who follow her on social media that she will not be performing at the World Theater in Las Vegas in November because she is experiencing health issues.

This news has shattered my already fragile heart. The fact that we won’t be able to start performing in November is disheartening news, especially considering how diligently my team and I have been working on our new show over the course of the last eight months.

On her Instagram page, the artist said the following: ‘My collaborators at Resorts World Las Vegas and AEG have worked tirelessly to construct this cutting-edge theater, and it is incredibly magnificent.’

After her tweet, the singer issued a statement in which she claimed to suffer from ‘severe and recurrent muscle spasms’ in her thighs and legs.

Her tweet had initially sparked the controversy. It was reported by one of Celine’s cousins who had been to check on her that her condition had deteriorated since their last visit.

‘It is no longer possible for her to walk, get out of bed, or move in any way. Because of the agony in her feet and legs, she is unable to move at this time.’

‘She is frail and has seen a significant amount of weight loss. An illness that requires a protracted period of recuperation time, for at least a few months and possibly even a year in the event that things do not improve.

According to Claudette Dion, the things that happen to the artist are painful but do not pose a threat to their lives.

She would have confided in me if it were a serious matter, but it’s not. Celine has an unwavering faith in me and consistently comes to me for advice whenever something is off.

According to Claudette, our family is all around her and she is happy and content in this setting.

According to members of Céline Dion’s immediate family and friends, the singer is reportedly going through serious health problems, which has prompted her to postpone her tour.

She is no longer able to walk because she suffers from “severe and continuous muscle spasms,’which have recently become even more severe, as stated by a source that was cited by Here Magazine.

She is unable to get out of bed, move, or walk at this point in time. She is unable to walk because the agony in her legs and feet keeps her from moving. According to the source, she is very frail and has shed a significant amount of weight.

‘It’s an illness that often calls for a protracted period of convalescence. In the event that things do not improve, it is possible that she will be gone for a number of months, or even a whole year. Because her symptoms are more concerning than was initially anticipated.’

The singer herself expressed her feelings in a moving statement on Instagram, in which she wrote, ‘My heart is devastated by this circumstance.

The fact that our new show, on which my team and I have been working for the past eight months, will not be ready for its debut in November makes me feel sad beyond description.’

Following the difficulties that she encountered with her health, Dion stated that the beginning of her tour would take place in May 2022;

nevertheless, the dates for the performances have been moved to February 2023. At the same time, she pushed back the beginning of her residency in Las Vegas.

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