The mother took a photo of the children and only after looking at the photo she realized that the children had been in danger. See what happened next

There are times in life when a simple walk in the park can have pretty serious consequences…

A young Australian mother decided to take a walk in the park with her children on a warm sunny day.

At some point, the daughter and son decided to race each other. Mom stayed behind and decided to take some beautiful photos of the babies against a beautiful green background.

The family walked for a couple of hours and returned home. In the evening, the wife decided to show her husband the photos taken, and they saw something that almost left them speechless.

In one of the pictures, they noticed something strange near the boy’s feet. Zooming in on the photo, it turned out that there was a snake right at his feet.One wrong move and it would surely bite the boy.

The next day, the father of the family went to a professional snake catcher.It turned out to be an eastern brown snake.

According to the specialist, the snake itself never attacks first, but if the boy accidentally stepped on its tail, then the poisonous bite would surely follow.

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