It’s always fascinating to watch this sport because of its aesthetic appeal. This video of an ice skating duo performing a Michael Jackson routine has gone viral.

In the first step of a funky routine to the 1980s popular song ‘Beat It,’ dance partners Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres get down to business.

They begin their performance on the rink decked up in leather and glitter while beaming.As a result of their original thinking, the audience applauds.

The duo dances with a syncopated, lively vigor. And then, out of nowhere, they perform a breathtaking lift that displays incredible grace and strength.

They make it look easy, but we know that it took a lot of practice to get to that point.They are having a great time synchronizing their leg kicks and ice dance techniques.

They can perform spectacular flips while skating backwards, sides, and forwards.

It’s very uncommon for the duo to parody Michael’s own dance skills during the act. They have a great ability to delight a large number of people.

What’s even better is that they seem to be having a great time together. They are tremendously talented, yes, but they also seem to be enjoying themselves quite a bit.

Just as you think they’re done, ‘Black or White’ starts playing, and Vanessa begins to whirl while Morgan takes off his jacket.

Such harmony can be seen between them as they skate and dance. Beautiful, and those leaps are absolutely incredible.The crowd goes wild as he flips and tosses her with ease while she spins about.

He grabs her by the skates and twists her around in a stunning move. Finally, he spins Vanessa on his head in an amazing lift to cap off the routine.

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