Living alone for 25 years, this man created a mythical underground world

Self-taught sculptor Ra Polet has been working in the desert cliffs of New Mexico for 25 years, where he sculpts and creates magical palaces.

He finds that the caves are a light sandstone and are easily subjected to human hands.The sculptor covers the walls with delicate carvings, each cave has its own style.

The man performs this titanic work completely alone, he has only a faithful dog among his assistants.

In caves, it breaks through the walls and ceilings to let the sun in during the day.

He calls his mysterious underground palaces pre-created sanctuaries, where a person, being alone with himself, can feel the soul of the world. He creates for his own pleasure and self-expression.

He created a cozy corner for himself in that stone town, which is provided with everything, all the necessary conditions for living are there.

Recently, the film CaveDigger was made about the legendary solitary artist, which was nominated for an Oscar as the best documentary.

The place has become a favorite place for tourists. All the media are already talking about the man.

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