The girl weighed 220 kg at the age of 7, look how she looks now

In 2007, Jessica Leonard was very popular due to her overweight.It would be a lie to say that she gained weight due to some disease.The poor guy had gained all of her 220 kg due to poor nutrition.

We all know that fast food like McDonald’s and CFS cause obesity and absolutely no satiety, but the girl’s mother failed to follow this and succumbed to her child’s whims by buying her food from such places.

As a result, it all came to the point that the child could no longer move, and then the mother turned to television professionals, asking to help the child lose weight, because she could no longer do it on her own.

Doctors and TV presenters were shocked by the child’s condition and immediately sent her to a specialized clinic.

She was treated very harshly, was on drips, played sports and was not allowed to eat junk food, although she resisted.

It was very difficult for Jessica at first. She would get angry, fight with the doctors, and be under a lot of stress because they had taken away the most precious thing she had: delicious food.

After a year and a half, the girl lost weight by 140 kg, after which they managed to remove her hanging skin.

The girl started going to school again and living the life of a healthy child. Now she is 20 years old, she does sports, follows her figure and weighs no more than 60 kg.

She plays in his university basketball league and is popular with cute young people.

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