The 19-year-old girl has only eaten bread and chips since she was 3 years old. What does she look like now?

19-year-old Izzy Cool from Wales shared her unusual story.The girl has a rare disease that her parents did not notice for a long time.

As it turned out, even at the age of 3, Izzy refused to eat baby and home food that her mother prepared.The girl did not eat anything, she cried, and her parents forced her to eat.

The doctor’s advice didn’t help either.At first, everyone thought that Izzy was just strange, because she was eating a few things chips and bread.

New problems arose while attending school.She could not eat anything with other children.It began to affect my social relationships.

I was at the age where I should have made friends but realized I couldn’t relate to them.The mother was very worried about the girl’s mental health, so she took her to various specialists.

Even in adolescence, nothing changed. Izzy felt sick at the sight of any food. She developed a vomiting habit.

In 2015, the girl’s mother turned to a therapist who worked with her patients. Did the hippotherapy visits help the girl fight the disorder?

I felt like the only person in the world who couldn’t eat anything and had health problems because of it.

After the first visit to the doctor, I was already seeing progress.I was eating pineapple while standing on the porch and crying at the same time.

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