On the wedding day, the groom gave a special surprise to the bride who works with children! The heartwarming video below

Brazilian Cynthia Bonfante Pereira works as a speech therapist.Her patients are children with Down syndrome. She helps babies with their language and communication skills.

Cynthia’s job is really not easy. But the girl loves children very much.And she always happily rushes to work to meet her childre.

Recently, a significant event happened in Pereira’s life: she got married.A wedding is a wonderful time to surround yourself with the people you love.

The newlyweds invited a large number of people to the celebration.There were relatives, friends, colleagues.

José Vitor Flach, Cynthia’s lover, decided that someone was missing from their wedding.And then he made a surprise for his beloved.

Flack, secretly from the bride, contacted the parents of the children with whom Pereira works. And he invited them to the wedding.

When Cynthia and Jose were already standing at the altar, the doors of the church behind them suddenly opened. A group of Pereira’s students began walking down the aisle toward the bride and groom.

Four sunny girls and three boys came to congratulate their speech therapist on the holiday. The girls wore beautiful white dresses and the boys wore elegant bow ties.

All present were especially touched by two little boys driving a small electric car. Cynthia couldn’t hold back her tears and cried.

Jose himself could barely contain himself. The eldest of the children handed the wedding rings to the bride and groom.

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