Only mama differentiates them. How do identical triplets live?

A big surprise awaited one pregnant young woman at the ultrasound examination as it turned out, she was preparing to become a mother of three children at once!

Of course, this case is unusual in itself, but the future mother was happy with such triple happiness.

And now, the day of childbirth came — and soon she got to see her three sons. As it turned out, they looked completely identical like exact copies! Such similar children are born in one case out of 300,000,000.

All three had the same birthmark, but only one had a slightly lighter one. The shocked woman had a genetic test that showed that she had indeed given birth to identical triplets.

At first, the young mother was puzzled how to distinguish her own children? But soon it became a little easier when the individuality of the sons began to form and differ.

As it turned out, one of the children grows up calm and smiling, the other, on the contrary, loud and tearful, and the third — silent and quiet.

That’s how mama distinguishes babies from each other, because they are completely different personalities.

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