When the bride’s little brother invited her to dance, no one expected it to happen. Video

The wedding followed the Danish-Estonian tradition of being held in an enormous castle!

Knowing that the entire dance was shot in a castle really adds to the awesome factor, doesn’t it? The video begins with the bride removing her heels so she may concentrate on the dance.

Some people dance in heels, but rolling an ankle on your wedding day does not seem fun.She sits in her chair and fans her dress out as the music begins!

Soon after, her younger brother (who must be 15 at the most) approaches her and invites her to dance.Now tell me, how many of you have siblings who are willing to do this?

The two stand up and show off their moves after a little sibling joke! The bride is quite talented, and you can tell she has danced before.

Some wedding dances are entertaining, but they are clearly unplanned.


They are fantastic, although they frequently appear inexperienced.These two meticulously arranged things! They are very excellent!

They burst into some traditional motions, swinging back and forth and stomping up their feet.

The boy grabs her hand and swings her across the floor, causing what appears to be the best man (possibly her brother as well) to join them.

He walks out in his vest and button-up and instantly starts dancing! This was not a spur-of-the-moment decision; it had been planned in advance!

‘This is the BEST wedding dance I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen thousands!’ How adorable, and what a bunch of badass dancing siblings!!! You three did an excellent job!!! Wow!!!’

A extremely impressed viewer made a comment.

If this is her brother, the three of them would form an excellent trio.They are rehearsed and appear to have practiced for a long time before their big moment.

Portugal’s ‘Feel It Still’ song. The Man is a breeze to dance to! The key lyrics, or those that most people remember, are as follows:

Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for fun, now I’ve been feeling it since 1966, now it may be over, but I still feel it.

Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for fun, now let me kick it like it’s 1986, now it may be over, but I still feel it.

You can’t cheer when watching anything like that! And then the wedding reception became even better! Fill those bottles!

They did an amazing job and earned all of the praise.

All that remains is to celebrate!

Check out the video below to see their fantastic sibling dance!

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