The bride and groom have a memorable first dance In unusual place… Video

Figure skaters both, Leah and Devinder decided against having a traditional first dance at their wedding and instead chose to have a skating-themed first dance instead.

This is their final dress rehearsal before the big event.

The couple that is about to get married went ahead with a practice run on a frozen pond set to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect,’ and believe me when I say that the title really does match these two nicely.

Skating through the neighborhood and into the woods, Leah and Devinder get a sneak peek into the enchanted evening that lies ahead of them.

They are perfect for one another in every way. The couple puts their skills to good use by gliding and making it appear as though they are flying, leaving the audience gasping at every turn.

According to Art House,

‘These two are more endearing than any ice skating duo who has ever won a gold medal! Their choice of place,

which allows them to be alone with one other while while being surrounded by the reality of the world, says it all. I pray that the happiness of your marriage will endure a lifetime!

Now we come to a section of the song that goes,

‘Well, I discovered a woman who is stronger than anybody else I know. She shares my dreams, and I hope that eventually I’ll be able to share her home.

I found a love who is capable of carrying more than just my secrets to bear love, to carry our very own children’

And if it doesn’t say volumes about the love that Devinder has for Leah, I don’t know what will.

They skate backwards together holding hands as though the rest of the world does not exist at that very instant.

After a short interval, Devinder begins to skate around his queen before the two of them exchange a hasty kiss. Nobody can explain why that ice doesn’t seem to be melting.

Leah and Devinder perform an impressive move that begins with a leisurely spin, then transitions into a rapid jump, and then lands on one foot before performing another spin.

Their objective is to hypnotize their guests while also making the event one that they will never forget.

This is going to be successful!

Another observer says,

’Quite possibly the most breathtaking dance I’ve ever witnessed before to a wedding. A stunning beginning to a life together…

I really regret that I wasn’t able to attend the wedding and see this ice dance performed ‘live!’

You have to see, there are some performances that are simply best experienced in person.

Here is a video of the actual dance that took place during the wedding, in case you were interested.

Because, in all honesty, a dance of this quality merits such a great deal of attention. Leah and Devinder deserve all of our best wishes!

In the video that follows, you may witness their breathtaking ‘first dance.’

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