Kate Winslet told why she doesn’t like her role in Titanic…Some details will surprise you

Thanks to the main role in the movie ‘Titanic’, Kate Winslet became famous all over the world. But, as the actress recently admitted, she doesn’t like that role very much.

The thing is that playing the role of Rose became a real stress for Winslet, which she still remembers with a shudder.

The actress admits that she felt uncomfortable from the first day of work. First, she had to fake an American accent,

and since Winslet is British, she’s still embarrassed by her pronunciation in the film.
Secondly, the actress had constant complications due to her appearance.

‘At that time, there was a fashion for slim girls, models with perfect figure. And I didn’t have any.

I was an ordinary girl with extra pounds. Besides, Leo became my partner, and he was already a star surrounded by real beauties.I felt uncomfortable.It was all crazy,’ admitted Kate Winslet.

However, recently the actress spoke about her appearance and weight and stated that she is not ashamed of it. She accepts his appearance as it is and feels good that way.

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