Jennifer Garner Had a ’Wedding for Herself’ to Celebrate Her 50th Birthday: She worries because she believes she will be ‘Single Forever…’

Jennifer Garner turned 50 this year, and the night before the party, the actress reflected on the many ways in which her life had evolved and the many milestones she had reached.

She is most appreciative of her wit, her robust health, the insights she has received from experience, and the ups and downs of life.

Garner’s three children with actor Ben Affleck—Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel—bring her the deepest joy and satisfaction.

She gushed about how adorable they were and how lucky she felt to have the opportunity to raise them.

Time after her divorce from Affleck has allowed her great healing. Garner reflected on her own growth and shared that she now considers herself to be secure in life.

She admits to having terrible days here and there, but she’s rather easygoing and doesn’t let much bother her.

Even though her family was ‘falling apart,’ Garners said she was content when she was at home by herself or with her children.

Additionally, Garner is more pumped than ever to get back into the thick of things with her acting profession.

The actress admitted that she had been blessed with the opportunity to put her career on hold while she focused on raising her children, but that she is now ready to give her all to all she does.

In addition to going all out for the celebration, Garner wants to spend quality time with her loved ones on her special day.

When asked about the grander celebration she planned for her 50th birthday, Jennifer Garner said,

’I virtually threw myself a wedding,’ prompting rumors that the actress would be getting married in the near future.

Her birthday fell on Easter Sunday, making that the perfect time for everyone to get together and celebrate.

She said she was in disbelief that she had planned such a fantastic party for herself.

The ‘13 Going on 30’ actress is loved by young people and respected for her commitment to charity work.

She required all of her guests to participate in a program called Blessings in a bag, which involves filling bags with food and donating them to needy families.

The reception celebrated not only Garner’s long and productive life, but also her many noteworthy professional achievements.

Despite saying that marriage is not a priority, Garner has admitted that she does not want to spend the rest of her life single.

Garner, though, thinks that getting married is unnecessary at this time. There have been frequent rumors linking the actress with John Miller since 2018.

According to friends of the couple, Garner and Miller are happy together and enjoy keeping their relationship low-key, the opposite of what her ex-husband did with singer Jennifer Lopez.

It has been said that Garner enjoys the fact that her relationship with Miller is private and does not require outside validation.

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