Willie Nelson’s son performs a heartwarming cover of one of his father’s most famous songs.Video

Any mention of the phrase ‘Always On My Mind’ instantly conjures up images of Willie Nelson singing that song.

The song has changed significantly since Wayne Carson wrote the first verses back in the 1970s. He eventually recruited Mark James and Johnny Christopher to assist him complete the tune.

Numerous artists have covered it over the years.
It was a global smash when Elvis recorded it.
Fans of many musical genres responded positively to it.

The most famous one is perhaps Willie Nelson’s.
Many of Willie Nelson’s listeners have grown rather fond of his rendition.

To put it simply, Nelson can make you feel something when he performs any song.
His singing has such a beautiful lilt and vibrancy.

Willie taught his skills to his children.
It turns out that Lukas, Willie’s son, too has the performing bug.

Once on the road with his famous dad, he’s now leading his own band, ‘Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real.’

His music has echoes of his father’s, but he has made his own path in the industry and developed his own style.

This, however, does not negate his fondness for his dad’s music, which he often performs.

Lukas chose to play a stripped-down rendition of ‘Always on my Mind’ during a jam session with several other outstanding musicians one night.

He sang with only a piano and trumpet for accompaniment, letting his voice soar.It had a natural beauty to it.

There’s something endearing about a song with a minimal arrangement. There are no embellishments to hide sloppiness or weak notes.

Fortunately for his family, Lukas gives a performance worthy of his father.

He creates a cozy atmosphere by leaning casually on a ledge and facing the piano.Luke is unaffected by the low lighting or the green button-up shirt he’s wearing.

The room must have been filled with people who felt privileged to share in this moment with him.
Each member of the ‘band’ contributes significantly to the overall quality of the music.

After a stunning trumpet solo, an emotional piano feature takes center stage.Accompanists are often overlooked, but without them, singers wouldn’t have the backing they need to truly soar.

Lukas Nelson has the potential to be a great musician if this raw rendition of a heartfelt cover song is any clue.

Check out the video down below to listen to Lukas Nelson’s stunningly genuine rendition of ‘Always On My Mind’!

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