It’s exciting. The residents of the multi-storey building gave an incredible gift to their cleaner

A woman named Rosa had a particularly hard time with the coronavirus.She worked as a house cleaner for about two decades, but she lost her job due to staff reduction.

This is what inspired the residents of the building to prepare a beautiful gift for the woman.

They filmed everything that happened. ‘Everyone loves her. So we decided to give something beautiful

to the woman who gives so much to everyone. She has no idea what she’s going to get,’ the first words sound like that.

It turned out that the tenants agreed with the realtor and helped Roza, who lost even her apartment due to the crisis, to find an apartment.

They gave a gift in a rather unique way: Rosa was invited to clean a huge house in a four-room apartment. And only after the case was over, the realtor explained what was happening.

‘I know this has been a difficult year for you and your family and there must have been many financial struggles.

But many people in this building are your fans who love you very much. They teamed up and took care of it,

all you have to do is pick up the keys and sign the papers. Now this apartment is yours for two years,’ he said.

The cleaner burst into tears of surprise. Because now, thanks to the kindness of her former employers, she and her extended family have owned their own home for two years.

And not just a house, but a house with a sea view and a spacious kitchen that Rosa admired while cleaning.

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