Parent cries at the gift her 2-year-old son gave to her neighbor, who is 100 years old. See what happened next

Even a bothersome virus that shut down the world couldn’t stop Mary O’Neill, 99, and Benjamin Olson, 2, from becoming close friends. And those aren’t typos, either. Olson is 2 and O’Neill is 99.

Mary’s neighbor Benjamin and his young brother Noah reside there. Over the course of the year, the

Minneapolis neighbors grew close friends after realizing how long they had been confined to their homes.

A chain link fence was the only thing separating them.Mary is Benjamin’s first-ever best friend, according to Sarah Olson,

Benjamin’s mother. In fact, it is the most charming friendship we have witnessed in a while. Prepare your tissues.

He didn’t see any other children for more than a year. Apart for Mary and our family, he didn’t communicate with anyone else. They ultimately developed a really solid friendship.

Mary’s husband passed away 37 years ago. She greeted the cute young child next door through her window,

like any good neighbor would do. She then started to go outside and introduce herself.They eventually developed the closest of friendships.

Even better, Benjamin and Mary created their own game, ‘cane ball.’ Mary uses her cane to strike Benjamin’s ball as he delivers it to her.

These two, who are separated by 98 years, are extremely attached to that straightforward game.

Benjamin is my companion.

O’Neill explains to Today.

For Benjamin to play with, Mary brought over a basket full of metal Tonka trunks that formerly belonged to her late son.

Mary’s kind deed has helped this young youngster learn about colors.Mary brought this large laundry basket from her basement up, full with hefty trucks.

I don’t know how she accomplished it. But she handled those trucks with ease.

At ten in the morning is when Mary and Benjamin begin their day, and they will spend a few hours just chatting and hanging out.

One of the most endearing scenes to ever appear on your screens.

This is a video and audio of this absolutely lovely tale!
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