The tragic life of one of the most famous celebrities, and what Princess Diana did for help him

John Travolta is known and loved all over the world. The talented and bright actor has appeared in almost 90 films

and TV shows, released several music CDs, was nominated for an Oscar and won Golden Globe and Emmy awards.

But at some point, his career began to fly downhill quickly, and it was the fault of John Travolta’s alcoholism, which appeared in the background of tragic events in his life.

Princess Diana was able to save the actor from the witchcraft, but he didn’t even know about it.

He was the youngest, the sixth child, the children’s parents adored and tried to give them proper upbringing and education.

My father was once a semi-professional American football player, then he started selling tires.

His mom was very talented, she played on the stage of the theater, studied vocals, and after that she acted as a director, besides, she sang beautifully.

It was from his mother that John Travolta and all his brothers and sisters inherited their love for the theater.

From the age of five, John dreamed of becoming an actor, and the impetus for this was the Federico Fellini film he watched and his mother’s immense love for dramatic art.

John never finished high school, he decided to devote himself to the profession, for which he first moved to New York, where he played on Broadway, and then to Los Angeles.

He made his film debut in 1972, but Travolta’s first significant film work was as Billy Nolan in Brian De Palma’s Carrie, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

Around the same time, he began acting and played the role of Vinny Barbarino in the television series Welcome Back Kotter

for four years, and later appeared in the lead role in the film Saturday Night Fever, which brought the actor to worldwide popularity.

But John Travolta could not fully enjoy his success at that time. Along with fame, the actor also experienced the unimaginable pain of loss.

In 1977, when he already felt the taste of fame, two tragic events happened in his life at once, which simply could not affect his career.

A year before the release of Saturday Night Fever, 24-year-old John Travolta met actress Diana Hyland.

He was 16 years older than Travolta, but the age difference did not hinder their relationship.
In Hollywood, this romance was not discussed, as if only the most careless.

Of course, the most condemned was the young actor, who was suspected of trying to build a career at the expense

of a famous and more experienced colleague. It was said that as soon as he achieved his goal, he would leave his middle-aged lover.

The relationship between Diana Hyland and John Travolta has not been formalized. When the actress was

diagnosed with breast cancer in early 1977, everyone expected a tragic verdict and a hasty escape of the young gigolo from her boyfriend.

But Travolta behaved like a real man. He moved into his lover’s house, paid all his bills himself, and took care of Diana’s son in an exciting way.

During the filming of Saturday Night Fever, the actor was informed about the deterioration of Hailey’s condition.

Filming was immediately interrupted for a while, and John Travolta went to Diana, who soon died in his arms.

Maybe he would have gotten over the loss, but only a few months had passed since John Travolta’s

mother died of the exact same disease. The second death of a loved one completely disturbed him.

At that time, John Travolta found nothing better than to start drowning his sorrows in alcohol. He literally drowned the memories of the two most important women in his life in alcohol.

It was quite to be expected that he was less and less invited to film, and his friends and friends simply turned their backs on him.

He himself was not going to do anything to save himself, but fate nevertheless gave him the opportunity to return to a normal life.

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, hosted a grand reception at the White House, to which Prince Charles and Princess Diana were invited.

In a conversation with Nancy Reagan, Lady Dean told about her dream of meeting John Travolta, who was quickly found

and immediately told about the princess’s desire. At the beginning of the reception, he was cheerful and fresh.

Nancy Reagan herself asked the actor to invite Princess Diana to a dance. John Travolta was both delighted and excited at the same time.

It was a great honor to dance with someone that mere mortals didn’t even dare to approach.

But at the same time, he still had to somehow invite Lady Dee to dance, greeting her beforehand.

When he approached, he lightly touched her elbow, offered to dance, and she accepted his invitation, giving her unforgettable John Travolta smile.

It seemed to John Travolta that everything that was happening was some kind of magical dream, like a run that suddenly turned into:

a part of life. Then John Travolta said that he knows for sure. For Lady Dee, their dance became the most vivid impression during her stay in the USA.

Soon after that fateful dance, John Travolta decided to completely give up alcohol. True, he could not cope on his own, so he turned to the clinic, where they began to put the actor in order.

Two years after dancing with the princess, John Travolta stopped drinking at all. He learned to live in harmony with himself and was able to rise again to the heights of glory.

The directors remembered the talented actor and started inviting him to the movies again. John Travolta,

yearning for serious work, played to the limit of his strength and capabilities, so he quickly became one of the most sought-after actors again.

After that, life tested the actor more than once. He had to bury his son and his second wife, who, ironically, also died of cancer.

But after that life-saving dance with Lady Dee, he no longer despaired and found solace in work, relationships with loved ones, and church.

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