According to the viewers, this is the greatest dog video ever created.

Arguably one of the best features of the internet is all the pet videos. There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you enjoy dogs, cats, or have other unusual animal hobbies.

When he posted Ultimate Dog Tease to the internet in 2011, Andrew Grantham, a resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia, contributed to the increasing library of animal movies online.

Grantham used footage of Clarke G, a dog who reportedly resides in Colorado, and his own voice to dubbed over it to create the viral video. The results are hilarious.

There are many videos of every animal species that you can view when you need a grin or a chuckle,

even though cat movies frequently dominate the internet and go viral. On the internet, videos of cute dogs have a cult following.

People adore filming and disseminating films of their dogs engaging in a variety of activities, from

fetch to police work to amusing antics. But what is the all-time most watched dog video on the internet?

The title of this video, which features a cute German Shepherd, is Ultimate Dog Tease. When the video was first published in 2011,

it has received over 200 million views. It shows a lovely dog talking to his owner in voice-over about several kinds of human cuisine.

The dog’s expression shows emotion when the owner goes into great detail about the food. The dog longs for the mouthwatering human meal that the human

describes to him when he converses with the owner. But when the human reveals who he truly gave the meal to at the end of the film, the key dramatic twist occurs!

On YouTube, the video currently has over 900,000 likes. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most watched dog videos ever.

It’s doubtful that Grantham’s Talking Animals YouTube channel, where it was posted, could have anticipated such an incredible response.

According to Woof Report, pet owners from all over the world email him recordings of their animals so he may edit them and add humorous voiceovers.

Because to the popularity and adoration of the German Shepherd breed, viewers online will find this video even more endearing.

Regardless of whether you like the breed, we doubt any dog video will ever be as well-liked as this priceless moment.

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