The man lives in a bus with his family. Here’s what it looks like inside. It will surprise you

You’d be surprised how much a school bus has changed during tough times.

Starla and Brian Sullivan of Renton, Washington were fed up with paying exorbitant rents.But what to do with three children in your arms?

At first, Brian thought Starla was joking when she wanted to put the whole family on the school bus. The bus is inexpensive, the main expense was to be allocated for the improvement of new housing.

However, the desire quickly came to fruition and demanded $2,800.With the support of his friends and his wife, Brian began to rebuild the bus.

They then settled there with their three children: 3-year-old Charlie, 2-year-old Henry and 3-month-old Lincoln.

And they didn’t mind living in the car.They had done the job quickly and carefully.Turnkey, the new accommodation is ready for use. It has a kitchen and even a fireplace.

Of course, Starla wanted the whole family to live in comfort and convenience.Undoubtedly, the toilets had to be in the cabin!

The most striking thing is that the rent has gone from one thousand five hundred dollars to five hundred. So the savings is $1000. Not only do you have more space, but you save money.

It should be noted that the bus works well. It’s a real house on wheels.

Now they meet much more often. However, young parents will not have to work long days to pay excessive rent.

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