After 45 years, Suzanne Somers and her husband continue to hold hands when they sleep and keep their spark.

Everyone is familiar with the name Suzanne Somers. The actress was best known for her role on ‘Three’s Company,’ but she is now more accurately described as an entrepreneur.

While her professional career has been a huge success, the actress has had a turbulent personal life. Continue reading to find out more about her marriages and what she’s been up to.

Bruce Somers, Suzanne Somers’ first husband, and she separated after just three years of marriage. She wed Alan Hamel, a former game show host,

for the second time. The marriage was tremendously successful, and the couple has been married for more than 45 years at this point.

Together, the couple has experienced a lot. After years of marriage, they returned home one day to find their cherished Malibu home burned by California’s wildfires.

The pair choose to focus on the good despite the terrible circumstances. They were happy to see that no one in her family had passed away and that everyone was still alive.

Somers was a prize model on the game show ’The Anniversary Game,’ where the pair first connected.

They describe their initial meeting as being love at first sight. Since then, the duo has not turned around.

The pair got hitched in 1977 after ten years of cohabitation. Even though they got along great, there were a

few bumps in the road, particularly when it came to integrating their families. Some even referred to it as ‘stepfamily hell.’

Hamel had two children from his first marriage to Marilyn Hamel, whilst Somers had only one son from her first union.

Somers explained that because it was a new occurrence in the 1970s, there were no manuals or tools available to help them figure out how to make things simpler for everyone.

The two came to understand how very different their parenting philosophies were. I had a series of rules—no feet

on the furniture, don’t borrow our clothes without asking, knock before entering—and Alan didn’t follow them, Somers recalled.

She continued by saying that the kids also misbehaved and struggled with many things. She continued

by saying that the interference of their ex-spouses did not improve the circumstance in their home either.

When it came to their children, the couple recognized they would need to present a united front.

They finally understood what had been “holding them back” after a lot of patience and counseling.

The couple overcame these challenges and gradually improved the relationships in their household.Somers ‘marveled’ at the progress the family had achieved and was immensely pleased with it.

The couple still acts like newlyweds on their honeymoon, but most couples who have been married for 45 years start to lose interest in their marriages.

Giving your companion your full attention is the key, in Somers’ opinion. I love to give him hugs and stroke his hair,

she said. We hold hands as we sleep, and he constantly tells me I’m beautiful. The most wonderful aspect of my life is this.

On certain nights, the couple sleeps holding hands the entire time. Regular dates with one another is another method they make sure to maintain the chemistry.

The pair will occasionally get together for drinks and dancing at a club close to their house. Or on some days, they’ll cook a beautiful meal at home, mix drinks, and dance as well.

The successful businesswoman usually works in her vegetable garden on Sundays. But, the actress believes that the dining room,

where her family of 18 congregates to eat supper, talk, and spend quality time together, is her favorite space in the house.

The couple is extremely at ease with one another due to their extended time together. Somers claims that as a result, they are able to maintain a ‘romantic and sexy’ relationship.

Somers claimed that she and her husband still engage in sexual activity twice daily despite being married for 40 years.

She wanted others to understand that closeness was still possible even after being together for a long time.

Somers asserts that the couple’s long-lasting youth and intimacy are a result of their active lifestyle.

She attributed their youthfulness to their organic diet, vitamins, and yoga, which she said helps them relieve stress.

Even though Somers’ physique has evolved over the years, she claims that her husband still loves her every day, which means a lot to her!

The pair are grandparents to six children, whose ages vary from 12 to 23. Because ‘kids don’t know blood,’

Somers says her relationship with her grandchildren is extremely pure. She adores being a grandmother.

Somers is proud of the progress her mixed family has made after the initial effort to make it work. She cannot help but be proud of how wonderfully everyone gets along.

The ‘Three’s Company’ actress is eager to remind everyone that there is no such thing as the ideal marriage and

that issues arise from time to time for everyone. She recalled how she and Hamel had also ’fought like dogs’ in the early years.

After being married, the pair faced difficulties including starting a business together and integrating their families, which put strain on their marriage.

But they each remained committed to the other. And as a result, more than 50 years after they originally met, they are still together and just as deeply in love!

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