The adorable conversation between a baby girl and her father has users of the internet in tears. Video

Model Eryn Fitzgerald represents. She has only been alive for a year, yet she already rules TikTok.

Eryn is small and unable to express herself well, but she has the personality of a fully developed adolescent girl and loves to show it off.

Eryn, Shannon and Martin Fitzgerald’s lovely one-year-old daughter, resides with them in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dealing with Eryn’s oversized personality will be a challenge for them. At just one year old, she is already dancing whenever

she gets the chance and babbling with genuine conviction. She will make sure everyone is listening when she has something to say and tell a narrative.

Eryn may not put her sentences together yet, but she has a good grasp of how to move her hands. She speaks incoherently while demonstrating her points with sweeping hand motions.

Eryn’s father, Martin, is carefully listening to his daughter’s compelling story. Eryn needs to fill him in on all that has transpired since he has been out at work all day.

He prods her to keep recounting the events of her day. His attractive daughter is speaking to him intently,

and she is fully aware that he is paying close attention to everything she says. She had her father wrapped around her little finger, this small child.

How will things be when she is actually able to speak complete sentences?

Even though the story of Eryn’s day cannot be understood, it is filled with emotion.
In the course of a few babbles, she switches from an extremely serious tone to a wide smile.

There also seem to be times of skepticism. Eryn occasionally finds herself unable to believe what she is saying;

what a strange day it must have been! Even though Eryn is only a year old, she already has a great story to tell. For such a young narrator, her tone is quite good.

See Eryn’s dance if the narrator’s story piqued your interest.Eryn’s parents set up a full TikTok account for her so she could show off how happy and unique she is.

Eryn’s parents thought their daughter deserved a platform, and TikTok and YouTube have provided her with it.

They have millions of views and more than six million likes on their TikTok account. Eryn has amazing dancing skills in addition to being a superb babbler storyteller.

Eryn is ruling the world by making up ridiculous tales and dancing through existence. We should all strive to be more like Eryn.

As Eryn discusses her day, she is very fatigued. When she’s finished, all she has to do is sit down since

she put all of her feelings into the book. As soon as she calms down, her tale is over. What an adventure and day that was!

She had a more interesting day than I did. She also tells fantastic stories, a spectator added.

How adorable the small child is already ‘talking’ with gestures and intonation! And kudos to Dad for listening and making her feel valued! Wonderful parenting! Another bystander spoke up.

See the rest of Eryn’s endearing and rambling tale below!

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