In this man funeral, 33 strangers came and said he was their father… The unexpected reason will make you cry (video)

Some enjoy giving without expecting anything in return.

There are some genuinely unselfish people in the world, and learning about their experiences today is a blessing.

Though many people were regretfully ignorant of his lovely, altruistic nature when he went away in 2005, Dale Schroeder was one of the most selfless persons in America.

Dale’s death was not mourned by any close relatives. To his memory, 33 strangers did arrive, and each of them made the claim that they were his offspring.

For his entire life, Dale, a carpenter who lived in Iowa, worked exceedingly hard.He dedicated his working hours to his career and his free time to his faith.

His buddy and lawyer, Steve Nielsen, said the following about him:

He worked extremely hard and was frugal like many Iowans, going to work every day. He wore both work and church jeans.

Dale had lived a straightforward life for 67 years in Des Moines, according to Steve, who described the man’s modest lifestyle.

Naturally, Dale had saved up money from his job, and one day he told Steve about an idea he’d been mulling over:

he wanted to use part of his resources to support individuals who were attending college.

Even if scholarships and support for tuition are more widely accessible now, most people still find college to be extremely expensive. The price of tuition alone can reach $30,000.

Steve had assumed Dale would be prepared to give up a modest portion of his previous earnings, but in reality,

Dale was willing to give up far more.
In reality, Dale planned to donate more than $3 million in cash.

Steve was briefly taken aback by Dale’s good fortune, but he was more than delighted to assist his friend in helping others.

33 young Iowans received financial aid from Dale thanks to his funds, many of whom went on to play significant roles in the fields of medicine and education.

Those who couldn’t afford college but had the necessary grades and the desire to further their education were the target audience for Dale’s support.

He was helping young adults who might have otherwise been forced to give up on their aspirations.

A member of this group was Kira Conrad. Even a loan would be too expensive for her to repay, and her family couldn’t afford to pay for her to attend college

Up until Steve called Kira on Dale’s behalf, Kira believed college could not possibly be a part of her life.She sobbed upon hearing the news and later remarked in an interview:

‘For a man I’d never meet to effectively pay for my college expenses… That’s amazing. That doesn’t take place.

The money Dale had saved ran out in 2019, 14 years after his passing. Several young people’s hearts were touched by

his sponsorship at the moment, and they all wanted to honor the stranger who had given them so much.

Steve claimed that Dale had very little restrictions on where his money went. He has no preferences for activities or people.

But he did say one thing:

‘He only asked that you pass it on. Dale is no longer there, therefore you can’t repay it. However, you can think of him and model yourself after him.’

The kindness of Dale touched so many lives.

His ‘children’ will be eternally appreciative of his help, and his legacy merits to be shared widely.

In the video below, Dale discusses his extraordinary altruism and the beneficiaries of his money.

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