This little girl’s performance has mesmerized everyone. See how old she is

As long as you have oxygen in your body, you may dance anyplace.

People will dance when there is music, whether they are barefoot, wearing sneakers, stilettos, or ice skates.

And it’s actually preferable if parents get their kids started early.

This is Ekaterina Lipnitskaia.

She is so small, and her red dress makes her appear even more adorable, as if she’s emerged from

a fairy tale book to dance for the ice queen.But don’t let her diminutive stature deceive you.

This young lady can ice dance!

Ballroom dance is a major influence on the figure skating discipline known as ice dancing.

In solo ice dancing contests, athletes can compete individually or in couples, therefore the format is essentially the same.

When compared to pair skating, ice dancing has different demands on lifts and spins.Partners must rotate together while in a dance hold; throws and hops are not permitted.

Ice dancing differs from other skating disciplines in that it incorporates music into the athletes’ performances.

Skaters must therefore dance to music with a distinct beat or rhythm when ice dancing.

Since it gives them more freedom to be imaginative and expressive, singles and pairs tend to skate to the melody and phrasing of the music rather than its beat.

Tiny Ekaterina is more than prepared to rip up the ice and has her music playing.

Since the world is aware of Russia’s passion for ice, many novels, songs, and movies will feature Russians doing what they do best during the winter.

It is pretty challenging to defeat the Russians on the ice.

Ekaterina is just one of the numerous young competitors who adore the sport and might be aiming for Olympic success.

You can see how enthusiastic she is by seeing her dance and glide at her age.She is even capable of being the little ice princess!

As the first skating rink in Moscow opened its doors in 1864, the Russians fell in love with the sport.When you can take advantage of the ice and have some fun during the winter, why stay inside?

It has sort of become a tradition for them to pick up skating and even advance their skills if they so choose.

There has been ice skating for 159 years.For her age, Ekaterina has remarkable balance and control, and she will continue to get better.

Maybe in ten or so years we’ll see her competing in significant events.

She appears to be around 4 or 5 years old in this photo, and while other children her age are having

difficulty walking and running, this little Russian girl is out there effortlessly carving the ice.

Ice skaters of the future are quite well-looking!

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