What does a girl who is known as one of the most beautiful in the world look like now…

Alice Samsonova is only 14 years old, but she has already done well all over the world.

Alice was born in 2007 in the city of Krasnoyarsk, which is in the Siberian area.

She went to kindergarten and liked doing gymnastics all through her childhood, so her childhood was pretty normal.

One day, Alice’s father sent her and her mother an offer to a contest called “Top Model in a Juvenile Style.”

At the time, Alice was six years old. Even though no one had high hopes for the young competitor, he or she beat everyone’s expectations and won the Grand Prix.

She also stood out from the other girls and was picked out for special treatment.

In 2014, after another year had gone by, Samsonova was given the title “Little Model of Russia-2014.”

After this win, Alice was asked to go to Italy, where she showed off the latest styles in children’s clothes while standing on a real platform.

The young model has an amazing portfolio, and her photos have been printed in catalogs from many countries around the world.

The young woman started working with some of the most famous companies and magazines in the world, like Monnalisa, Elle Kids Russia, Vogue, Moschino, Rocs, and others.

The young woman went to Italy and other places often to do product demonstrations and be shot for different projects.

When Alice was nine years old, Yana Rudkovskaya put on an event that Alice took part in. Yana got the most famous mini-models from all over the world together and set up a picture shoot for them with a certain theme.

Then Samsonova tried to get in touch with her inner Alice from Through the Looking Glass. Three years later, Yana asked the same girl to the party again, but this time she brought along several other pretty and successful young blondes.

Samsonova’s “track record” includes a lot of works that did well in the marketplace and a number of honored titles.

When Alice was only twelve years old, the British news site Bright Side put her on a list of beautiful young models ages 12 to 15 that you can watch for as long as you want.

And if you believe L’officiel Kids, Samsonova is one of the top fifty most beautiful children in the world.

Alice is 14 years old, but she hasn’t lost any of her cuteness or charm from when she was younger.

She has beautiful blonde hair, a face that looks almost innocent, wide-open blue eyes, and a thin body.

Samsonova is still in high demand, as shown by the fact that she is already getting offers from companies that sell clothes for adults.

But the girl’s parents have said that they don’t want to make money and that they don’t see modeling as a job for their daughter, even though she does get royalties. Instead, they see it as a hobby that she loves.

Alice takes her family on a tour of the city and walks around the neighborhood after the screenings and shooting.

She then goes back to Krasnoyarsk, her hometown, where she goes to school, studies with her peers, and trains for gymnastics.

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