Wow! The Jewish couple has broken the record for the longest life together! Can you believe how many years they’ve been together?! It’s absolutely incredible!

Two Jews in the UK have celebrated their 83rd wedding anniversary, setting the country’s record for longest marriage.

Helen and Maurice Kay, aged 104 and 105, celebrated their wedding anniversary surrounded by family in Bournemouth.

The couple met when Morris Kay was a traveling salesman for his father’s firm.

They have been together for 87 years

‘So much has changed, but we are still together, thank God,’ he says. We had a wonderful day and were wonderfully entertained by our wonderful great grandchildren. Now I’m looking forward to the next anniversary.’

Helen Kay says ‘I was surprised how much I enjoyed it’, speaking about their reception at their home, 100 miles from London.

The couple has two surviving children: seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Their daughter, Tina, said her parents were ‘an inspiration to all who knew them, and we feel truly blessed by them.’

She described her mother as a very stylish, well-groomed woman who visits the hairdresser at least twice a week

and gets a manicure every Friday, while her father has a great sense of humor, is sarcastic and loves life.

The couple revealed that they could have celebrated their 87th wedding anniversary if it weren’t for the fact that Helen Kaye was waiting for her older sister’s wedding.

After the marriage, Maurice Kay continued to manage his father’s factory and two stores in London, which were completely destroyed in the bombing.

In 1939, he went to the front and fought against the Nazis. After the war the couple moved to the seaside town of Bournemouth and had four children, two of whom survived.

In one of the interviews, Morris Kay said that he knows the secret of a happy family life to always agree with his wife in everything.

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