When the teacher starts beatboxing in front of the class, the students completely lose it.

Most people can recall at least one instructor from high school who had an impact on their education.

With a very competent instructor, even the most dull subjects may come to life and be entertaining.

One Malaysian school decided to think creatively after struggling to encourage its students to pay close attention and care to their physics classes.

The school was aware that their ‘Physics of Sound’ class did not hold the attention of the students, who occasionally slept off.

They engaged a master of sound to address this and pique the students’ interest in the course material.

Shawn Lee is the top beatboxer in Asia, and although his talent has taken him all around the world, he probably never imagined that one day he would find himself back in a classroom.

But this time, Shawn was the instructor, not the pupil.

He walked to the school in his nerdiest attire and pulled out a pair of fake spectacles to finish the look because he knew he wanted to surprise the children.

As Shawn entered the classroom, some of the pupils were spotted snickering and getting ready to doze off.

He read aloud for the class for ten minutes without displaying any personality at all.
He knew it was time for his performance after ten minutes, when the pupils were bare-handed.

Guys, I think this is not working out, you are not learning anything, so why don’t I tell it to you in a drum form?’ he remarked.

He then emerged from behind the podium and took a firm hold of his microphone.He began by imitating the bass drum, which generates the lowest sound in a drum set.

Some of the pupils looked up when they heard it because they were startled by the sound that had just came out of the timid little man’s mouth.

Then he imitated one type of cymbal, the hi-hats.
The pupils were then asked if they wanted to hear all the noises at once.

Now that everyone was paying attention, they were all in disbelief at what their teacher was doing.
Beginning cautiously, Shawn only added the three sounds he had previously displayed.

Even with only that, the entire audience joined in, clapping and dancing to the music.

Finally, Shawn displayed all of his skills to the pupils by performing the well-known beatboxing riff, ‘But first, let me take a selfie.’

At the conclusion of the performance, the students were ecstatic and even made a mock bow to the beatboxing teacher.

When Shawn was finished, the principal of the school entered and informed the kids that all he had just accomplished was made possible by the ‘Physics of Sound.’

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