‘Thank You, God,’ I say. Grandpa Tears Up After Learning His Granddaughter’s Big News

One of God’s many blessings in life are grandparents. They enrich the lives of those around them by being a source of information,

wisdom, and love. Most grandparents also feel compelled to lavish their grandkids with gifts, money,

and toys on a regular basis. No grandkids are likely to voice complaints about this type of treatment.

But this time, it was the grandchild who paid it forward by giving her granddad some encouraging words.

A grandfather’s real, emotional, and touching response to discovering that his granddaughter had been accepted into medical school is captured in a YouTube video.

The old guy is seen in the video sitting in bed as his granddaughter kneels next to him to shock him with her big news.

She informs him, ‘I have really big news for you.’ I was admitted to medical school.

After she makes her momentous revelation, the woman’s granddad is immediately filled with emotion.

He also thanks the Lord for giving his granddaughter the chance to pursue a medical career and enhance her studies.

‘Thank you, God,’ He says. ‘That makes me delighted to hear. You are our heirloom.

The young woman describes how she and her family planned to surprise him with the news later in the video.

After she learnt that she had been admitted, they waited a few days before telling him face-to-face.

The young woman reports that her granddad is still ecstatic about the news. But she added, ‘He was over the moon. He still calls me almost daily to talk about it.

The majority of grandparents are great, caring individuals who just want the best for their grandchildren—their success and happiness in life.

Wishing this young woman the best of luck as she starts her medical career!

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