The couple decided to do something big instead of going to prom together. They didn’t even expected that it would make headlines.

Logan and Sydney Firkins have a happy marriage and a promising future. But a few years ago, they were only High School classmates who had been a couple before.

They were anticipating a significant occasion.

As you could expect, the teenagers were thrilled about their prom and couldn’t wait to hold each other’s hands and enter the dance floor.

But in 2017, as prom day drew near, they made the decision to alter their course. They wouldn’t go to prom with each other.

They would instead ask two students with disabilities to be their prom dates that evening.

At Princeton High School in Indiana, Sydney used to be a peer facilitator in the Life Skills course.

Additionally, she had made Noah a friend throughout her trips.

Sydney was immediately drawn to Noah Heichelbech, a student with exceptional needs, because of his lovely disposition and charming nature.

They kind of became into best buddies over the years.

Sydney said at the time to 14 News, ‘Noah is just so compassionate and fun-loving, he says hi to everyone in the corridor.

‘He’s just an energy rush. Like, he’s my best friend. He is superior.

Sydney believed he would have a great time at prom because of his gregarious and outgoing personality.

She also understood that this was a rare chance for the student with special needs to attend the event.

It was a lovely idea.

Since it was their first time, Sydney remarked, ‘I wanted it to be about them so they could enjoy this fun night.’ ‘Some kids like them, but they don’t get to.’

She and her boyfriend decided to take two special dates to prom that year after talking it over.
Sydney would bring Noah along, and Logan would bring Harley, another Life Skills student.

The two promposals were what followed.

Sydney, a cheerleader and softball player, scrawled a message on a ball.

She gave Noah the letter and assisted him in reading the message. ‘Can I steal you for prom?’ the ball said.

When Noah heard the query, he was ecstatic. He responded right away, ‘Yes, you can!’ Logan proposed to his friend Harley in a more loving way.

Her favorite flowers, pink roses, were delivered along with a charming note from him that read, ‘I’d be blooming happy if you said yes to prom.’

Naturally, she said yes, and the four teenagers enjoyed a lovely prom night together. The news source

quoted Noah as saying that it is quite touching when people go above and beyond to make him happy.

It simply warms my heart that people are interested in me and want to engage me in things like this, he said.

Sydney acknowledged that when her story was published, she had numerous approaches, but she insisted

that these interactions had nothing to do with her and were instead about inclusiveness and understanding.

‘Many individuals have reached out to me and said that this is really uplifting and that more people should be like that.

It’s not about me, though. It’s all about them and the opportunity they have to achieve this.

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