A dog saves the life of a baby girl who had stopped breathing in the middle of the night… Tap here to learn more…

The presence of a dog in the home is always a wonderful thing: not only can they make for loving and devoted companions, but they may also save your life if required. In the news, we’ve heard stories of dogs jumping in to protect their owners or warn them of a potential threat.

These people are honoring their dog as a hero after it helped in saving their baby’s life by warning the parents just in time after the child’s heart stopped beating.

A Boston terrier named Henry belongs to Kelly Andrew, who lives in the Massachusetts city of Boston. In recent weeks, the dog began acting strangely in the middle of the night, repeatedly breaking into their nursery and awakening Kelly’s newborn.

Kelly said she had grown ‘tired’ of her dog’s behavior, particularly since the baby had been sick.

However, she soon realized that her baby was not breathing.

As her daughter was being brought to the hospital, Kelly came to the realization that Henry wasn’t causing a disturbance, but rather was attempting to save the life of the child.

Somehow, the dog had a gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right. By keeping the infant awake and assisting the parents in contacting the authorities, Henry very likely saved the child’s life, allowing her to receive medical attention before it was too late.

The next day, Kelly posted on Twitter, ‘I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her. We do not deserve dogs.’

According Kelly, the baby girl spent the night at the hospital and is now ‘doing much better.’

Kelly also mentions her heroic dog Henry, who she says ‘bravely held the fort all night despite the fact that he is afraid of the dark.’

She also expressed gratitude to the emergency room staff at Connecticut Children’s Hospital for acting as ‘real heroes’ and rescuing her daughter.

However, it was Henry, the loyal dog, who received the majority of the attention as the story spread. It was amazing to see how instinctive the dog was — and some people shared their own similar stories, demonstrating how life-saving dogs can be… even when it appears that they are engaging in bad dog behavior.

We’re very relieved that this baby is now safe, thanks to the quick reactions of this courageous dog! Henry, you are a good boy!

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