When a three-year-old goes metal detecting for the first time, he discovers a $4 million treasure…

When James Hyatt was three years old, he went treasure hunting for the very first time and discovered gold.
However, this wasn’t just any regular piece of jewelry.

An picture of the Queen of Heaven and Earth was thought to be imprinted on the locket, which was believed to date back to the 16th century.
‘It made a beep beep beep sound,’ James recalled the noise his metal detector produced.

When James and his father, Jason Hyatt, heard that sound, they had no clue that they were about to discover a 500-year-old Virgin Mary jewelry that is believed to be worth around $4 million dollars.

‘All of a sudden, we received a buzz from the metal detector, and it was quite a big buzz,’ the boy’s father, Jason Hyatt, told the BBC.

It looked like gold when we dug six to eight inches down. ‘I shifted the ground about and brought it to the surface, and there it was.’

James had only been using the gadget for a few minutes when the device started to beep at him. The gold pendant was discovered around 8 inches below the surface. ‘After that, we dug our way through the muck. There was a lot of gold in the place.’

The revenues of the transaction, according to Jason, will be divided between the landowner and himself.

‘When James realized that he had discovered genuine treasure, he was overjoyed. Dad was really taken aback.’

‘I’d been doing it as a hobby for 15 years and had never come across anything quite like that.  Any money we get will be used to benefit the children,’  Jason said.

Apparently, when it comes to locating valuable items, James is believed to have a good luck factor.

‘My boy is one of the luckiest persons on the face of the planet. He’ll stick his hand down the side of the couch and pull out 10 pounds if we go to the doctor,’ Jason said.

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