18-years-old girl escapes from hospital after the birth. What happened with newborn girl, will amaze you

Those of us who have already had a baby are familiar with the agony and pain of the last few weeks of pregnancy. We’re desperate to meet our babies and put an end to the misery and anxiety.

My third pregnancy was no exception. The kid ‘decided’ to stay in for a week longer than it should have, therefore the birth took longer than expected.

I’m the mother of three sons, two of which are twins. I’d always wanted twins, but the chances were slim. According to legend, having twins in either the mother’s or father’s family increases your chances.

However, life provided us with Steve and Sam, so you never know. My husband Mike and I joked about having twins because life had startled us in this way. ‘Again?’ I asked of Mike.

‘Why not? Who knows, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not… Take a look at what happened between Steve and Sam.’ Mike is spiritual, but not religious. So am I.

‘It would be incredible if the world provided us with a boy and a girl this time… Isn’t there anything wrong with wishing? Maybe we can make that happen.’

The physical evidence indicated a normal, single pregnancy. Although the ultrasound revealed only one kid, my intuition told me to ‘wait for a surprise.’

My husband drove me to the hospital as quickly as he could when my water eventually broke in the middle of the night. When we arrived, I noticed a young woman who was also preparing to give birth. We were both on the same ward, and her labor began before mine.

I noticed something was amiss with her before the nurses carried her to the surgery room. I’m not sure if it was the pain or if she was nervous, but I sensed something more.

When it came time for me to give birth, everything went nicely. Another lovely and loving boy joined our family. Seth was his name. My spouse and I had never been happier!

After the labor, I took a break and went for a walk outdoors when I noticed the same girl from earlier leave the hospital in a rush. I had no idea why, but it was none of my concern.

The physician came to visit me when I returned to my room. ‘Congratulations on your baby, Sarah!’ I’m delighted everything went smoothly.’

‘Many thanks!’ I’ve known Dr. Conrad for a long time. She was with me throughout my previous pregnancies. ‘There’s something else I’d like to talk to you about,’ she continued as she sat on the edge of my bed.

I sat down on the bed right away. ‘Does my child seem to be doing well?’

‘Don’t worry, Sarah. Your newborn is fine and in good health. I came here to talk about the baby of someone else.’ ‘Ok…’ One of my brows was lifted. ‘Go ahead…’

‘This morning, there was an incident.’ A young 18-year-old girl signed a parental rejection form and left the hospital right away. She experienced very major complications when giving birth, but she no longer wanted to be here.

‘Was she the one who had just gotten out of the hospital?’

‘That’s right. The baby is in perfect health, so… I was thinking of you two.’ While staring at each of us, she continued, ‘I know you and Mike well, and you’ve always expressed your desire to have a daughter to me.’

‘I realize it’s a big ask at the moment, but would you like to adopt her?’ As you may be aware, there is a lengthy procedure for adoption, but the hospital will sign all of the paperwork, so it may be some time before you can take her home.

I’ll also write a letter of recommendation… But I knew I should at least try to suggest it because I know you’re a wonderful mother.’

I was astonished. I had no idea what to say, but my heart already knew. ‘Can we see the baby?’ my husband asked as I looked at him.

‘Of course.’ We went to the maternity ward and found her there. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. I already knew the answer. When I turned to face my husband, all he did was nod. He shared my sentiments. ‘Where do we sign?’ I inquired, tearfully turning to Dr. Conrad.

Stephanie — whom I had already named since I knew she would be coming to us — was still in foster care after a few months. Every day, I fantasized about having her with us, and I could never forget her beautiful face.

Every day, I prayed and requested the cosmos to bring Stephanie to us. Even if it would take years, I knew I was destined to be her mother. I didn’t mind waiting as long as it took.

After ten months, I received a call. ‘Hello, Mrs. Roberts?’


‘This is Mrs. Rodriguez from the Chicago adoption center. We received your application and Dr. Conrad’s referral letter.’

My pulse was racing. ‘I’d like to meet with both you and your husband. However, just to let you know, there are other families interested in the same child you chose.’

That didn’t bother me at all. Stephanie was definitely my daughter. We got the news that Stephanie was coming to our home after a few meetings, placement processes, and court appearances.

One of the finest days of my life was when Stephanie came home! That means a lot to me. I adore this little girl as if she were my biological child. We even consider Stephanie and Seth to be twins.

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