See what this young man did when he got stuck in an elevator with an elder woman with disabilities…This story will melt your heart.

When events took an unexpected turn, Cesar Larios was out with his crew on a typical workday. A pensioner was trapped in the elevator with them when it became stuck.

The older woman made it clear that she had trouble standing for extended periods of time while trying to remain calm and wait for assistance. Larios gave a particularly noble demonstration of chivalry at this point.


In 2014, Larios and his coworkers were doing a move in the ten-story building when the elevator became stuck. But Rita Young, the elderly lady who also claimed being claustrophobic, worried him more.

Young had her walking aid with her, but the young man—a student at the Art Institute of Florida—noticed that she was uncomfortable. He positioned himself on all fours and quickly got to work.

Larios beckoned the elderly man to sit, offering his back as a platform. Before assistance arrived, Larios served as a makeshift human chair for thirty minutes. The elderly woman was becoming apprehensive, but he assisted in making her feel better.


When they arrived, the firefighters forced the elevator door open so that the passengers could exit. The story was not finished, though. One of Larios’ coworkers captured images of the 79-year-old woman seated on his back during their encounter in the elevator.

The kid’s unselfish deed garnered popularity after the photo was posted on social media. He and the moving business College HUNKS Moving and Hauling Services went viral in a matter of days. Larios discussed the circumstance and said:

We were riding with a lovely elderly lady. The woman claimed that as soon as it became trapped, she was unable to stand for very long. I therefore offered to act as a chair. She felt extremely grateful.

Young spoke candidly about the touching incident and expressed her admiration for the thoughtful deed. She thanked Larios’ mother for raising a ‘very excellent son’ as a way of expressing her appreciation.

Larios was a Move Captain on the squad, and the College HUNKS moving firm proudly showed it. The brand posted an article praising his kindness and emphasizing that ‘Chivalry lives’ on Facebook.

In commenting on the situation, the co-founder and president of College HUNKS called Larios’ act a ‘wonderful example of old-fashioned service and assisting your neighbor.’

Friedman remarked his surprise at how quickly the news spread and at the enthusiastic reception it received online. He continued by saying it was wonderful that such a sincere act was captured on camera.

Many people expressed their support for the young man on social media. He was regarded as a real man who showed warmth and thoughtfulness by one person.

Larios was told by another user that everyone was proud of him, and a third internet user believed his parents did a good job raising him. Larios carried out the deed without hesitation, but the public recognized him more than he had anticipated.

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