The 50-year chain of constancy was finally broken. Look what happened to this family and why they have this kind of reaction …Video below

These days, people find out their baby’s gender before childbirth. It happens frequently to expectant parents.

There may be a certain fascination in keeping the gender a secret until the baby is actually born, despite the fact that many parents make this decision.

Dara Crouch, then 29 years old, knew for sure that the baby inside her was a girl when she went into labor on April 25, 2017.

It was unthinkable for her to have a male as a newborn. In fact, it had been 50 years since a boy had been born in Dara’s family.

For seven years, Dara Crouch has been a nurse in a hospital’s maternity wing, according to the Huffington Post.

Dara has witnessed the excitement of parents learning about their child’s gender upon birth throughout her years at the maternal ward.

She and her husband, Erc, decided to make their children’s births a little more special by planning to discover the gender on the big day.

Every child born on Dara’s side of the family for the past 50 years has been a girl, including Neyland, Dara and Erc’s first daughter.

Dara had a strong conviction that her second child would be a female.

But when it was time to start labor, Dara would have an unbelievable experience – she gave birth to a little boy!

The delighted mother’s reaction after having her young son placed on her chest speaks for itself.

Dara’s reaction was captured by photographer Neely Ker-Fox at just the right time.

Neely Ker-Fox claims, ‘In my six years as a birth photographer and over 100 births, I’ve never quite caught a reaction like hers.

‘Her son will one day look at this photo and the others I took that day to witness the joy and love that greeted him into the world. There are few things better than that.’

Even Erc, Dara’s husband, who shared her conviction that the child would be a male, broke down in tears.

Lam is the name of the boy. He is obviously special to Dara and Erc, and even little Neyland is content and proud of her infant brother.

Neely Ker-Fox, a photographer who also shot pictures at the couple’s daughter’s birth three years ago, admits that she probably won’t capture a similar picture again.

She says, ‘I’m so grateful to Dara for letting the world witness this moment.’

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