Abandoned railroad trailer was saved by a girl and transformed into something unreal beautiful! Take a look inside of the trailer

Hannah Doss frequently moved into and out of residences while a college student, doing so up until she earned her Master’s degree.

By that time, she had come to the conclusion that paying a sizable sum of money each month for rent was something she truly didn’t like.

She began to think of relocating into a tiny house that she could build herself or with some aid and not have to worry about paying rent.

She learned about the excess auctions from her father, who spent more than twenty years working for the railroad. It was during these auctions that she actually found what would become her tiny house.

When she got there, she decided she would stop bidding at $350, and miraculously, that’s what she paid for the item she would name Journey.

Even though Journey—the railroad trailer that would eventually serve as a home—only had 232 square feet, Hannah knew that was all she needed at the time.

She then began renovating Journey in her parents’ backyard. Fortunately, her parents were eager to help out during the restoration process, so this had an effect on both the costs and the time it took to complete the job.

It took three months and cost about $9,000, but according to Hannah, she would have likely spent another $10,000 had she sought professional assistance.

Thus, Journey became Hanna’s tiny house three and a half years ago, and she also drove it across the country all the way to Lake Tahoe, California.

She still resides there with her boyfriend and puppy, and the three of them like their little, trailer house. Hannah gives viewers a tour of the area in the video that follows and discusses what she likes about it.

Although it’s tiny, she and her parents managed to make it operate so well that when someone is inside, they don’t even notice how small it is.

The pair can prepare their meals in the kitchen, and there is also a little yet adorable workspace with a lovely outlook. The pair really sleeps on the couch that is available for guests to use as a bed at night.

The living area with the musical instruments scattered about and the vinyl records is just what you expect to find at an artist’s home. The bathroom is exactly what any apartment would offer.

An artist and educator, Hannah even created a children’s book about Journey, a train car that was saved by a girl and transformed into something lovely by the girl and her family.

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