A retired woman describes how she earns an extra £800 each month with a ‘great idea.’

A retired woman described how she supplements her retirement income with an additional £800 every month.

Dawn Lacey, 64, a former church minister, claims that beginning a side business has completely changed her financial situation.

She started selling cosmetics after taking an early retirement to care for her father. Currently, Ms. Lacey runs her Temple Spa company, which provides a variety of cosmetic items, as she stated on ITV’s Tonight show.

I have to start something to pay the expenses, she said.

I wanted to find something that would enable me to pay my bills now that I had left the church and had a very low salary. ‘To be able to treat our grandchildren, or even just to buy food or pay for gas.’

She is thrilled with the outcomes and has begun sharing her knowledge of how to do business with others through monthly courses.

‘I made £50 a month teaching one lesson,’ Ms. Lacey added. But now, a year later, I’ll be making at least £800 this month.’

‘I think it’s fantastic that both men and women may do something else in addition to what they’re already doing.’

‘I truly appreciate the chance to network here. Who wouldn’t want to do it, considering that you’re also bringing in that extra income?

The TV host Adam Shaw, however, issued a warning to companies wanting to market their products in this manner.

He stressed the significance of British citizens always making sure they are working with a trustworthy organization.

Additionally, there are tax repercussions associated with a side business. Whether you are self-employed or on pay as you go, you must report any additional income to HMRC if you earn more than £1,000 in a single tax year (PAYE).

Check to see whether you can generate money by getting rid of things you don’t need and renting out the items you do.

You can also get paid for using Google and for sharing your thoughts on the newest movies and TV series.

For the millions of homes struggling with the expense of living, a little extra money in the bank can go a long way.

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