10-year-old catches a foul ball and then melts hearts with that wonderful step.

If you’re a baseball fan, there’s a high possibility that you developed a passion for the sport at a young age.

Many people take their love of baseball seriously and pursue it throughout their lives, from collecting baseball cards to watching their favorite players on TV.

A actual baseball from a Phillies game was one little baseball fan’s childhood dream.

When Aaron Presley caught a foul ball, he quickly became famous. Aaron just so happened to be in the ideal location at the ideal time to catch a foul ball from a particular area of the stadium!

The ten-year-old, a MAJOR admirer, was unable to contain his joy.

I’m keeping up with the ball. It impacted the floor. I then went to get it. Simply put, it was thrilling, Pressley told CNN Newsource.

It doesn’t happen often that a child can outwit the grownups competing with him for the ball! Fortunately, he was able to sneak in and catch it before anyone else when it reached the stands.

Although Aaron had a cool moment, it wasn’t the reason he was in the press for the following several days.

Aaron turned after grabbing the ball and saw young Emma Brady. Emma had been attempting to catch the foul ball as well, but she was having trouble because of her stature.

Emma said that Aaron was ‘too quick.’ Although she tried her hardest, she was just a fraction of a second late in reaching for the ball.

Emma even ended up diving for it, but the maneuver caused her to break her leg.

As you can expect, Emma was unable to control her tears. She couldn’t tolerate the pain in her leg or the fact that she wouldn’t be getting a ball that day. Until Aaron intervened, that is.

Aaron went to check on Emma after noticing that she was weeping.

I was just like having the knowledge that someone was crying just didn’t feel right. I had no choice except to simply deliver it to her, Pressley stated.

Aaron made the noble choice to give the little girl the award rather than keeping it for himself. Even better, the entire action was recorded and shown to everyone in the stadium on the large screens.

Emma stopped crying, and the audience applauded because it was so adorable.

He didn’t think twice before approaching. He briefly caught sight of her before just turning to give her the ball. The sweetest thing ever, exclaimed Emma’s father.

What’s best? Aaron’s generosity was rewarded! He didn’t do it expecting to get paid back, but it turned out to be advantageous for him.

When the Phillies learned Aaron’s address, they sent him a personalized baseball and a gift card to utilize the following time he visited the stadium!

Even at a baseball game, kindness may come full circle and is significant. Aaron demonstrated to the world his values:

Be kind to people since not many people are kind in our world, Pressley advised.

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