The baby was crying incessantly on the plane. What the passengers on the plane did will put a smile on your face

A plane ride is no different. Sitting in a confined area can be confusing. That’s a lot to ask of a toddler.

It’s unclear whether the toddler in this viral video has ever flown before. Based on his crying, it’s probably not something he’s used to.

There’s a reason why babies are frequently associated with crying on aircraft. On flights, babies and toddlers are easily disturbed. Why shouldn’t they?

How do you calm a kid down on an airplane? So you’ll have to find a strategy to divert their attention. A toy or snack can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered.

The song Baby Shark helps to calm this particular toddler. The irresistible kiddie song has become a tiny crowd favorite. It’s simple to see why it would be so soothing.

His parents sing for him, but it’s possible it won’t be enough. The entire plane quickly joins in on the song. With everyone singing along, the jet becomes a lot less intimidating.

The passenger even joins in on the singing. Based on the pleasant melody permeating the space, the child appears to settle down. Hopefully, their assistance made the trip less frightening and tear-free.

Thank god the entire plane was aware of it. It’s a simple method to interact with and calm toddlers among them. It’s also a good song to sing.

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