Despite a hard and exhausting day at work, a father takes his toddler son to the basketball game for the first time.See the crew and crowd reaction

Micheal McGuire, still wearing filthy work clothes and covered in dirt and mud, was determined to attend Easton’s first professional basketball game at the age of three.

It was possible for him to decide to arrive late so he could clean up, but that was not going to happen.

Michael was only concerned with taking part in one of Easton’s first significant turning points; he didn’t give a damn about how he looked.

His wife took a picture since she was so happy for him. They had no idea it would become popular, but it did draw the notice of Kentucky’s head coach John Calipari, who explained why that particular moment was significant to him.

I admire it since it’s how my family arrived in this country, John added. The American Dream began in a coal mine in Clarksburg, West Virginia, he continued. Isn’t it interesting to know that, despite being a quiet, modest person, others value you?

John told the family that he wanted them to be their VIP guests at the following Kentucky Wildcats basketball game when he viewed this picture.

Because ‘you’re giving light to a nice man, a hard-working Kentucky coal miner who does everything he can to make time for his family and his son,’ according to John, this unique moment is warranted.

Others who saw the picture commented that Michael is a fantastic father and a real hero. I completely concur.

The burden of supporting your family falls squarely on a man’s shoulders as a husband, father, and man.

Even while it is a burden, having this responsibility makes me happy, especially on special occasions like these. Well done, Michael! You are a truly fantastic father!

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