This ice dance by virtuoso dancers will mesmerize you (video)

Tango meets figure skating

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron perform their ‘Rhythm Dance.’ The film was shot in the first week of April 2019, right before the ice dancing team traveled for the World Team Trophy.

This spectacular action movie was captured by ‘Jordan Cowan,’ a very accomplished videographer who operates the YouTube channel ’On Ice Perspectives.’

Perspectives from the Ice

This excellent YouTube channel was made by ‘Jordan Cowan,’ a cinematographer with an incredible aptitude for catching ice dancers in action.

His recordings reveal these courteous artists from a perspective that is not available when viewing competitions on television. His vids are very amazing.

About Guillaume Cizeron & Gabriella Papadakis

The duo who competes in figure skating has a long series of outstanding accomplishments, including four World Championships,

five straight European Championships, and six French National Championships.

They have also won the Grand Prix figure skating championship and an Olympic silver medal. On May 10,

1995, Gabriella Maria Papadakis was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France. In Montbrison, France, on November 12, 1994, Guillaume Cizeron was born.

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