Specialists told her that she will not walk. And she is the fastest woman in the world today

Despite the bad prognosis of doctors, Danish resident Annette Fredskov runs 42 km every day for 40 years, completing 366 marathon runs in 1 year.

Moreover, on the last day of her sports year, she managed to run 42 kilometers twice.

In one year, Anette ran a total of 15,500 kilometers.In other words, a marathon run in one day.Fredskov became the fastest man on earth.

And all this, in spite of the terrible diagnosis of the doctors, who announced that Annette will be confined to the hospital bed.

During the run, Annette’s health was monitored by a whole group of doctors.In support of the unique marathon, dozens of volunteers joined the Dane every day.

All this did not escape the attention of the media, the news spread around the world.

And soon many sponsors appeared who expressed their desire to help the woman with the outfit.

Thus, Annette Fredskov became a record holder, surpassing the record of Belgian Stefan Engels, who ran 365 marathons in one year.

Annette’s story is another proof that despite the doctors’ predictions, one should not be depressed, one should fight.

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