This performance by Susan Boyle is considered one of the best in music history…video

Susan Boyle’s singing style is reminiscent of the trio. She had an incredible God-given gift that would leave you speechless, astounded, and enthralled every time she sang.

Susan Boyle’s loud, booming voice has stunned many listeners over the years. Many of Susan’s most

impressive and entertaining appearances on Britain’s Got Talent were compiled into one video that was put to YouTube.

In the first scene, Susan sings ’I Dreamed a Dream’ from the hit musical Les Misérables. Susan smashes

the high notes barely seconds into the song, and the entire audience erupts in shouts and screams of ecstasy.

Young Simon Cowell, incredulous at what he’s hearing, raises his eyebrows. When Susan’s performance ends, fellow judge Piers Morgan applauds enthusiastically.

Susan does a fantastic rendition of ‘Memory’ by Barbra Streisand in the next episode. Susan’s performance of the song is just as good, if not better,

than Babs’s. Once again, the studio crowd demonstrates their undying devotion to Susan by cheering wildly.

At six minutes into the clip, Susan performs ’I Dreamed a Dream,’ the song that brought her worldwide fame, once more.

Susan has an amazing singing voice and a wealth of musical ability. Many who have commented on the video on YouTube share this opinion.

Astonishing, I tell you. I can’t express how much I appreciate this, one user wrote.

When the internet was initially created, this video became viral. She made a positive impact on the lives of people everywhere,

and she remains an inspiration for those who are compelled to pursue their aspirations despite obstacles. The second person just had praise for Susan.

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