Mel Gibson’s handsome 32-year-old son Milo is his carbon copy. Check out their impressive resemblance…

In his roles as an actor, director, and producer, Mel Gibson has proven to have a depth of industry knowledge.

He has nine children from three different women, and he is an amazing parent who adores watching after his youngest child.

Mel Gibson, an Irish-born native of New York, spent his formative years in Sydney, Australia. His parents moved to the area out of concern that their children could be drafted into the army.

Gibson never had any interest in the entertainment business, unlike some incredible performers

who were bitten by the acting bug at an early age. He preferred a career in journalism or the culinary arts.

He eventually decided to apply for a theatre school on the encouragement of his sister. At that point,

he started writing history. The actor first appeared in plays while living in Australia before moving on to TV shows and eventually films.

He received two honors from the Australian Film Institute after acting in ’Mad Max’ and ‘Gallipoli,’

which paved the door for his breakthrough in America. Following the success of the movie ‘The River,’ he gained popularity in the US in 1984.

Gibson honed his acting abilities and shared the screen with A-list stars like Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt,

and Danny Glover. His directorial and producing talents were then put on display in movies like ‘Brave Heart,’ ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ and ‘Apocalypto.’

The 66-year-old has won honors for his exceptional work as a multidimensional entertainer over the years.

Gibson is still one of the most divisive individuals, largely due to his harsh words and prior relationships.

Gibson’s triumphant return

Gibson has had to put his career on hold for a decade despite having such talent. The actor sought therapy frequently over the ten years he spent away from the camera, lights, and action.

Whilst he was still married to his first wife a few years ago, Gibson had an affair with a woman who was

fourteen years younger than her. They developed a strong relationship, which resulted in the birth of a child.

A taped recording of their relationship leaked. It included profanity and racist insults made by Gibson directed towards Oksana Grigorieva, his lover, who he also threatened to kill.

Three years of probation were imposed on the actor. He acknowledged that it was the worst experience

of his life while working on himself and concurred that the recording should not have been made public.

Following his 2016 comeback with the directing credit for ‘Hacksaw Ridge,’ a movie whose plot put him in many people’s good books. Gibson disclosed:

‘I improved myself, and it shows. And I’m fortunate to be back and I’m happy to be here. Things

don’t matter as much as they used to, and I feel quite chilled out. I’m therefore in good health…’


Despite the fact that Gibson has nine children from three different women, he has only ever been married once.

In the 1970s, shortly after playing the role that would define his career in ‘Mad Max,’ he met his first wife, Robyn.

In 1980, the actor wed dental nurse Robyn, and the couple had seven children together. More than two decades later,

the couple were divorced, with Gibson, a devout Catholic, claiming in a leaked audio clip that they had no spiritual ground in common.

The mother of seven was permitted to go with half of his estate because she didn’t sign a prenup with him.

When their divorce was finally finalized in 2011, Robyn claimed two Malibu mansions worth roughly $23 million.

She is also entitled to get 50% of his lifetime earnings. Gibson’s ex-wife walked away from their divorce with a net worth of $850 million, making it one of the most expensive divorce payouts ever.

Notwithstanding the settlement agreement, neither party has criticized the other in the public. Robyn acknowledged that

her ex-husband is a great dad who never mistreated her in 2010, when the star was engaged in a custody dispute with his mistress Grigorieva.

Before the divorce was finalized, Grigorieva, a Russian singer, started dating Gibson. An insider claims that she loved him so much that she converted to his Catholic faith.

He admitted that he wasn’t really thrilled to have his ninth child.

Grigorieva insisted that she had nothing to do with the audio’s release. The actor refrained from making any further arguments,

however, and instead admitted that he had only struck the mother of his child because of the way that she had moved the child. In exchange for 15 million dollars, he also agreed to keep the tapes secret.

Afterwards, the singer appeared on television to discuss her relationship with Gibson in more detail.

She did not mention the court-proven account of violence during the interview, though. As a result, she had to give up some of the actor’s entitlement to her.

Gibson found love in the arms of a different woman after the turbulent legal battle, and the two of them

went to the ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ premiere together. Rosalind Ross, who is 34 years his junior, is his newest sweetheart.

Despite the age difference, the couple appeared to be getting along just well as they welcomed their first child in 2017.

Age is not a factor in falling in love, according to Gibson, and they get along well. The nine-time father continued:

‘While one is concerned about these things and fears a problem, everything is going OK. She is a truly unique individual.’


Gibson manages his fatherhood roles flawlessly, with mothers carrying out their responsibilities to the letter.

Being a father to a large team has never been a problem for Gibson. Yet, the ’Brave Heart’ enthusiastically stated while speaking on the red carpet:

‘The other day, Clint and I spoke. How many kids do you have, I asked. ‘Eight,’ he murmured. I’m defeating him now.’

Hannah was born the actor’s first child, and he wed her mother the same year she was born. The young woman

developed an acting bug and has worked as a make-up artist and production assistant for various TV programs.

In addition to working in show business, Hannah has opted to stay out of the spotlight and spend her free time with her six children and husband, Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Two years later, Gibson had twins Edward and Christain. The former maintains a low profile and owns a furniture business.

His doppelganger decided to take care of the camera at the same time, working closely with his father, and he posts his personal moments online.

Louie and Milo, the fifth and sixth infants, were born. The lads inherited their father’s writing and directorial talent.

They started working on projects while they were teenagers and have collaborated on endeavors including ‘Manifest West.’

The youngest kid of the former spouse is Thomas. There are no details about him online, and he was ten years old when his parents got divorced.

Lucia, Thomas’s stepsister, arrived in 2009. She is Gibson and the Russian’s lone kid.Lars Gerard, born to the ‘Brave Heart’ actor’s current partnership, is their last child.

Although he hasn’t been out in the open since his birth in 2014, his mother Ross revealed a cute photo of the newborn boy donning a tuxedo.


Gibson has always believed that more is better. Despite having nine children and a demanding work, he yet demonstrates dedication by being helpful and present, which his children enjoy.

Speaking about his debut film, Milo acknowledged that he never made them follow any professional guidelines. Instead, he offered assistance. The actor turned electrician said:

‘No, there wasn’t necessarily discouragement or encouragement. My father has always been a strong proponent of following your passion, trying different things constantly, but doing what you love.’

Gibson admitted that he was not really thrilled when he welcomed baby number nine, despite the fact that he has more than enough love to go around for his family. He said this:

‘I don’t even react anymore, I think my adrenals are burnt out,’

The father of nine is most appreciative of his large and healthy family. He described the challenges he faced as a new

father and stressed that mistakes would inevitably be made when acting as a parent. He hopes that there aren’t many faults in his situation, though.

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