You must see this touching American Idol audition which brought the judges to tears! Video

Iam, a Hawaiian teenager in his senior year of high school, recently lost his father Rodney. He becomes very emotional when discussing him with the judges.

‘Go ahead, take your time. Man, it’s ok,’ remarked Lionel Richie. You know, you feel so strongly when you love so much.

Iam announces to the judges that he will be singing James Blunt’s song ‘Monsters,’ which he will dedicate to his father, as he wipes away his tears.

His performance will have you wiping the tears from your face and you will be awestruck by his voice. None of the judges were able to remain dry-eyed throughout.

What a great tune to choose, thought Katy Perry. ‘This song sounds like it could have been composed by you.

You made these mature men cry with your singing and delivery, after all. You touched a nerve. And master

storytellers always do that. Great musicians always do that, and your voice is really amazing.

Luke Bryan said, ‘I can’t handle how heartbroken you are about your dad. ‘You know, my nephew moved in to live with me after losing his father. And it makes me sad to see you miss your dad.

In addition, your voice is really fantastic. You have a wonderful voice! I adore you, and you did everything perfectly! And all I want is for you to enjoy yourself, man.

Iam is informed that the judges will be visiting him again in Hollywood after they have finished sharing their opinions with him.

‘My dad was a big influence on why I got into music. That’s how my dad and I became close. But ever since he died,

it’s been difficult,’ Iam explains as he holds out his golden ticket at the conclusion of his audition. ’Rodney gets this one. Yes, for my father.’

What a powerful and wonderful performance! We are eagerly anticipating Iam’s upcoming actions.

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