An 83-year-old woman’s letter to her girlfriend has become a hit on the Internet. Look what was written there

These are quite wise thoughts… I was inspired.
For some, life is a race. New position, perfect body, New Year’s sales race.

And in this crazy race, sometimes there is not even a minute left to stop, look around and say: ’How beautiful life is.’

Sometimes this sense of harmony never comes, and sometimes beauty falls on you like snow too late. Like when you’re 83 years old.

‘Dear Sofia,

I read more and dust less and less. I sit on the patio and enjoy the view, I don’t worry about the weeds in the garden. I spend more time with family and friends and work less.

If possible, life should be enjoyed, not endured. Now I’m trying to realize it and start appreciating it.

I don’t save on myself anymore

I don’t save on myself anymore. I use my china cups and crystal sets for every special occasion, like losing a pound, cleaning the bathroom, or the first bloom of the amaryllis.

I wear my most beautiful clothes when I go to the market. I think if I look successful, it will be easier for me to part with the money.

I don’t wait for an important occasion to wear my favorite perfume. Fragrant, I go to the bank or the clinic.

I no longer use the expressions ‘someday’ and ‘one of these days’. If something is worth seeing, hearing or doing, I want to see, hear and do it now.

I try not to save

I don’t know what others would do if they knew they wouldn’t be here tomorrow. After all, we take life for granted. I think they would invite family members and a few close friends.

Perhaps they would call someone and apologize for their past words and actions. I like to think that they will go to a nice restaurant and order their favorite dish. I think. I’ll never know.

These are the little things I haven’t finished. I would be very sorry if I didn’t write to my relatives all the important words that I wanted to convey to them.

And I worry a lot that I rarely told my husband and parents how much I love them.I try not to skimp or put off the things that can add laughter and happiness to my life.

And every morning, when I open my eyes, I tell myself that this day is special. Every day, every minute, every breath is truly a gift.

Maybe life wasn’t the game we hoped it would be. But while we’re here, we can dance.’

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