The judges are totally impressed by the 11-year-old after hearing her audition. When you find out how she achieved it, you won’t believe it. Video

Lara seemed composed as she entered the stage for her performance of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ during her appearance on The Voice Kids.

But as soon as the adults in the room turned around and sat down, the tiny infant began to cry.

It is tremendously touching to watch the judges press the big red button and turn around, as many show viewers may attest to.

Despite only being eleven years old, this Czech singer has already won over the entire world with her charisma.

From the shadows, Lara appeared wearing leather and enthralled the crowd with her explosive performance.

Swift wrote the song in response to individuals who had criticized her.

Swift even went so far as to add, ‘One of the hardest truths I’ve learned is that people may say whatever they want about us at any given moment, and we have no control over it.’

The way that we respond to it is completely up to us.

In a later interview with Rolling Stone, Swift said, ‘Everything about my life has been examined: my choices, actions, words, body, style, and music.’

When your life is under constant scrutiny, you have two choices: you can either give in to the pressure and let it ruin you, or you may learn to deflect and avoid criticism.

I believe that’s how I handle situations—by simply putting them aside.

Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you will still be bopping your head to the tune because it is such a great dance-pop song.

Little Lara doesn’t necessarily need the song’s message in her life right now, especially with that level of confidence,

but if she keeps singing this well, haters and keyboard warriors will eventually find a way to attack her.

She will continue to be a target for both groups if she sings this well. But, if you shake them off, the issue should be resolved.

The judges couldn’t help but get out of their seats and dance!

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